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      Cassandra and her father sat in a sterile white room. The curtains were drawn giving the room no sunlight. The florescent lights above them flickered with electricity and gave the room a pinkish effect. Cassandra looked up from the light brown and white tile floor and up to a bed that was positioned in the middle of the room. She was in a hospital. Her mother, Donna, lay in the bed hooked up to the many life prolonging machines. Cassandra watched the slow up and down movements her mothers stomach made as she breathed. They became shallow and arduous.

      “Dale.” Donna choked out.

      Dale ran to her side grabbing onto her hand and coming inches from her face. “Yes dear?” He spoke unsure of himself.

      Cassandra stood with her father, her arms positioned on the bed and her head laying on her mothers flattened stomach.

      “I love you, I love you both with all my heart.” She whispered. She was too weak to speak any louder.

      “I.. love you.. mommy.” Cassandra hugged her mother as best as she could.

      Dale kissed her one last time professing his love.

      “I love you.” Were the last words spoken before a loud beep pierced the room.

      Doctors and nurses came pouring into the room. They pulled Dale and Cassandra away as they began to work their medical knowledge.

      “Daddy, is mommy all right?” Cassandra looked up at her fathers teary eyes.

      “Mommy left sweetie. She’s in heaven now.” Dale watched the medical staff work to no avail.

      “No.” Cassandra whispered. “No!” She yelled. “She can’t leave us. No!”

      “Cassandra, Cassandra, wake up babe.”

      “No.” Cassandra stated as she jumped up in bed. She looked around the room forgetting where she was for a moment. She took in a deep breath and looked at Isaac who was gaping at her.

      “You all right?” Isaac asked concerned.

      “Bad dream.” Cassandra laid back down in bed.

      “About Dale?”

      “No, my mother.”

      “Oh, want to tell me about it.” Isaac fell back into his make-shift bed.

      “It was the day she died in the hospital.”

      “Do you dream about her alot?”

      “Umm, no not really any more. I used to dream about her every night. She would tell me she loved me and everything would be all right.” Cassandra closed her eyes envisioning her mother.

      “She’s right. Everything’s going to be all right. It’s all going to work out.” He soothed.

      “Thank you.” She whispered as she drifted back to sleep.

      “Anytime.” Isaac whispered back. “I’ll take care of you Cassandra. Everything’s going to be all right.”

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