C H A P T E R     O N E

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      Cassandra and her boyfriend, Isaac, sat on her bed in her purple wisteria decorated bedroom. Her bedroom was on the second floor of a very prestigious house on “Mart Hill”, the up scale neighborhood in Tulsa. Cassandra had lived in the same house for four years, since her father made his ‘big change’.

      Now she called her father by his first name, Dale. He worked a nine to five job as a stock broker, making a good living with money left over.

      “Isaac, Dale will be home any minute now. I think we should stop.” Cassandra pushed Isaac off of her who was kissing her.

      Isaac stared down at Cassandra. Her shoulder length golden brown hair and her small hazel eyes. “Just one more minute.” He was being a typical seventeen year old boy with his hormones flaring.

      Cassandra stood from her double sized bed and walked to her purple painted door. “OK.” She shut the door.

      Isaac stood and met Cassandra halfway back to her bed wrapping her in he strong monstrous arms. “Why do you call him Dale anyway? Why not just Dad?”

      “I don’t know, its the way I like it. You know since my mother past away and everything.” Isaac shook it out of his mind and went back to business.

      Before they knew it a minute had passed and now they were on minute six laying on Cassandra’s wisteria comforter that was nicely placed on her bed, tucked in at each corner.

      Downstairs Cassandra’s father walked through the heavy stain glass door. Setting his briefcase against the wall in the entrance way and hanging his jacket on the coat rack. He wore a black suit with his tie loosely hanging from his neck. “Cassandra I’m home.”

      When he didn’t get an answer he found it strange. Cassandra was supposed to be home at five thirty p.m. every day. She had been good at following his rules but found that lately she was slowly making up her own.

      He rubbed his hand down his stubble face and climbed the spiral staircase to the second floor. He stood outside of Cassandra’s bedroom about ready to knock when he heard a mans voice. Dale quickly turned the oval brass door knob to Cassandra’s room without hesitation. He stepped inside the threshold and inspected the scene in front of him.


      Both Isaac and Cassandra swiftly jerked apart from each other and stood up on opposite sides of the bed.

      “Isaac! I told you to stay away from my daughter.” Dale was in rage. He walked over to Isaac and grabbed his arm shoving him out of the room. “Cassandra you stay here I’ll talk to you in a minute.”

      “But Dale.” Cassandra pleaded.

      “Isaac get out of my house. I never want to see you around my daughter again.” Dale followed Isaac down the stairs and out the front door.


      “So what did your father do yesterday after finding me in your room?” Isaac asked while walking with Cassandra down the halls of ‘Freedom High School’.

      “I'm never suposed to see you again and I’m grounded for a messily three days for not obeying his stupid rules.” Cassandra stopped at her locker turning the lock to her secret code and pulling the latch that wouldn’t budge.

      Isaac reached his hand around Cassandra and pulled the latch and the door swung open. This was a daily ritual for them. She could never open her locker without help. “What would I ever do without you? Thanks!”

      “You’re very welcome.” Isaac buried his face in her honey hair breathing in its sweet smell and kissing its soft strands. “So I guess we’ll only see each other during school till your done with parole.”

      “Guess so.” Cassandra pulled out the books she needed for her next class and shut her locker spinning the lock around a few times.

      “So long, till tomorrow.” Isaac army saluted to her.

      “Bye bye.” Cassandra smiled walking away to her next class.


      “I don’t get why you don’t like Isaac. He’s a great guy.” Cassandra sat at her dinning room table with her father.

      “Cassandra give it up. He’s a bad boy, enough said.” Dale shoved a spoonful of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

      “He’s not bad.” Dale looked down at his plate letting out a be breath. He was getting annoyed with this conversation real quick. “And we weren’t doing anything anyway, why am I grounded?”

      “You want another week?”


      Everything was quiet for a few minutes until Dale piped up. “I have this business dinner with my boss and I want you to come with me.”

      “What? You know I hate business get togethers. I’m always sitting by myself staring at all the men in business suits and women in hooker outfits.”

      “Cassandra.” Dale warned.

      “I’m not going.”

      “Yes you are.”

      “But I don’t fell like it. I’m not going.”

      “I don’t ask you to do a lot of things Cassandra, and when your living in my house you do what I tell you to do.”

      Cassandra put down her fork and looked up at her father. “Can I be excused?”

      “Did you finish your food?”

      “I’m not hungry.” Cassandra pouted.

      “Your not leaving until you finish the last drop of food on your plate.” He stuffed another spoonful in his mouth. “I don’t care what your problem is. Now eat.”

      Dale was treating her like an eight year old. But then again she was whining like and eight year old. But lately its been getting worse.

      Cassandra stared at her father for another minute packing in the food. She finally picked her fork back up slowly consuming all that was on her plate. Her face in a permanent frown.

      “Now can I go?” Cassandra yelled into the kitchen where her father was now done with dinner and cleaning up after himself.

      “I don’t know. Are you done?”


      “Okay then, bring your plate in here and put it in the dishwasher.”

      Cassandra did as she was told. The kitchen was enormous, filled with everything a chef desired. A large stove with grill almost covered a whole wall. An over sized cast iron sink opposite of it over looking a pane window facing out to the garden pond and two acres of backyard. Pots and pans hung from the ceiling and dark wooden cabinets toped off with black unburnable marble while cooking utensils and appliances graced the counters. The floor was covered in black and white square tiles and the ceiling covered in spot lights pointing in all directions.

      “How was school?”

      “Fine. I’m going to my room now, night.” Cassandra quickly left the kitchen running up the stairs and into her room slamming the door closed behind her.

      Cassandrapounced on her bed laying on her back. She looked up at the ceiling at all the glow ‘n’ the dark stars and planets that she and her father had glued perfectly when she was fourteen. Her eyes fell from the ceiling landing on her phone. She stared at it for a couple of minutes then decided to make a call to Isaac. She sat up scooting herself to the top of the bed, leaning against the headboard and picked up the white cordless phone. She quickly dialed Isaac’s number by heart putting the phone to her ear.

      “Yeah?” A gruff voice answered.

      “Uh, is Isaac there?”

      “Who wants to know?”

      Apparently Isaac’s father was drunk again. Cassandra made frequent calls to Isaac and had been getting used to his fathers behavior.

      “It’s Cassandra, Mr. Hanson.”

      Mr. Hanson slammed the phone on the counter. “ISAAC!” He bellowed. “ISAAC!”

      Isaac was in his bedroom going through his homework scattered on the desk when he heard his name being called. He walked into the living room where his father was. “Yeah?”


      “Oh, okay.” Isaac picked up the phone leaving the room but having the phone cord restricting how far he could go. “Hey Cassandra.” He said cheerfully.

      “Hey Isaac.”

      “What’s wrong?” He could tell that something was bugging her.

      “Nothing, just hate the world and especially my father.”

      “Oh, is he still giving you crap about yesterday?”

      “Yes, and now he wants me to go to another one of his stupid business dinners.”

      “I’m sorry Cassandra. You know I’d go with you if I could.”

      “I know.” Cassandra sighed.

      “Why does he hate me so much?” Isaac asked.

      Cassandra laughed. “He said that you’re a bad boy.”

      “A bad boy huh?”

      While Cassandra was sneaking in a call to Isaac, Dale went into his home office. He was going to work on a few things for work so he could come home early tomorrow. After sorting through some papers he picked up the phone and set it to his ear ready to dial out but before pushing a button he heard Cassandra talking.

      “I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

      “Okay, bye.”

      Cassandra and Isaac hung up the phone and Dale followed. Dales plans weren’t working. He would have to try harder to get Isaac out of his daughters life.

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