C H A P T E R     T H I R T E E N

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       “Cassandra time to get up.” Isaac shook Cassandra awake. “Its six thirty. Time to get ready for school.” Isaac noticed the red mark on her face had become more festered.

       “Umm.” Cassandra just moaned and stretched.

       “Up, up, up.” Isaac was already dressed and hoped up onto his bed jumping up and down.

       “Stop that.” Cassandra smiled as she was flung up and down. She laughed as Isaac jumped off the bed flinging his legs in odd directions and landing on his feet, like a cat. “That was funny looking.” She giggled.

       “Not as funny looking as you.” Isaac picked up the pillow he used the night before and threw it onto Cassandra.

       “Not funny!” She threw the pillow back at him.

       “Well, I’m going to go leave so you can get dressed. Just, um, come to the kitchen when your done.” His dad was still asleep on the couch. Isaac left the room.

       Cassandra rummaged through her bag and got dressed. When she was done she went to the bathroom and did all her morning necessities and covered up her red face. She then located Isaac in the kitchen.

       “Want any breakfast?” Isaac asked as he peeled a banana.

       “Do you have another banana?”

       Isaac tossed her one and they headed out the door. It took them about ten minutes to walk to school. They went straight to Cassandra’s locker. Isaac eventually opening it for her.

       “Thank you.”

       “Sure thang babe.” He stood behind her with his arms around her waist.

       At lunch Isaac and Cassandra sat to the side of the quad.

       “I think I’m going to try and go home today. See what happens.” Cassandra said.

       “Are you sure?”


       “All right but try to give me a call and tell me how things are.” Isaac didn’t really want her to go home.


       “Hey Isaac!” A young man walked towards them.

       “Hi John.”

       “You don’t happen to own a car do you?” John asked Isaac with uncertainty.

       “Nope. Why?”

       “I didn’t think so but Jean said she swears she saw you driving an Eclipse to the party.” John shook his head.

       “Oh, that’s my car.” Cassandra said quietly. She was sure John had seen her father dragging her out of his house and it embarrassed her.

       “Yeah, I drove it to the party.” Isaac said.

       “Well its still down my street. Its got a ticket and I’m sure their going to tow it pretty soon.” John reported.

       “Oh, I totally forgot about it.” Cassandra looked at Isaac.

       “Me too. I probably still have the keys in the pants I wore that night.”

       “Well you better move it soon.”

       “Thanks.” Isaac said as John walked away.


       “Now I have to go move that.” Cassandra’s voice took on a disappointed tone.

       “I’ll go get it. I have the keys. I’ll go get it for you.” Isaac said. “No problem.”

       “What are you going to walk there, drive it to my house and then walk all the way home? I don’t think so. I’ll get a ride there.”

       “Okay, how about we both go after school today. We can get a ride from John?” They both bickered back and forth.

       “Alrighty, fine with me.” Cassandra smiled. “Your funny.”

       “Oh yeah?”

       “Funny looking’.”

       They both broke into a fit of laughter and Isaac playfully put her in a head lock.

       “Lets go ask John for that ride.” Cassandra muttered in his strong arms.

       “Not until you apologize.”

       “Aww, did I hurt your little feelings sweetie?” Cassandra whined. “Sorry. Your the most handsome man I have ever seen.” Isaac let her go and she brushed her lips with his.

       “Mr. Hanson and Miss Stone.” One of their teachers came up to them teasing them.

       Cassandra and Isaac looked up at him. “Yes, Mr. B.” They were used to Mr. B’s comments on public affection. He didn’t say anything else just shook his head and walked away. Cassandra and Isaac chuckled at him.

       They got up and searched for John.

       “Hey John, my main man, my best friend, my pale, my...”

       “Okay, what do you want from me?” John looked at Cassandra and Isaac.

       “See its really easy. See since you have a car and you live right by it, we were wondering if you could drop us off at Cassandra’s car after school? So how about it?”

       “What do I get?”

       “You get the satisfaction on being in the same car as us, being in our company and getting to car off your street. What more could you want?” Isaac joked.

       Cassandra looked at him with pleading eyes.

       “Okay, but you two get to sit in the back with my younger sister.” John smiled.

       “No problem.” Isaac stated.

       “Apparently you don’t know my sister.” John laughed and started to walk off. “Meet you in front after school.” He waved.

       “See ya.”

       “That’s set.” Cassandra said as the bell rang.

       “Well, see you in front.” Isaac leaned down for a kiss.

       “You guys never stop do you?” Mr. B walked by again.

       “Ahh, you’re stalking us!” Cassandra lightly swiped at Mr. B as he passed her. Mr. B was her favorite teacher and they always teased each other about everything.

       “Get to class guys.” Mr. B yelled over his shoulder.

       “Okay.” Cassandra said one last good bye to Isaac and started running to her class.

       After school Isaac walked to the front of the school. Cassandra and John were nowhere to be seen so he waited staring around. Something caught his eye as he watched. Cassandra’s father pull into the driveway in his BMW. Isaac didn’t wait around he went straight back into school and just so happened to find Cassandra walking through the quad.

       “Cass, Dale’s here. He just pulled up.”

       “So today he decided to pick me up. Well...”

       “You go ahead with him and I’ll ride with John and get your car.”

       “All right.”

       “Call me.” Isaac gave her a hug.

       “Will do.” Cassandra walked away. As she was crossing the street to get to her fathers car John walked up beside her.

       “My car is this way, Cassandra.” John pointed to his right.

       “Oh, I can’t come. Isaac’s going to go though. He should be out in a minute.” Cassandra explained.

       “Oh, okay.” John went back to wait for Isaac.

       Cassandra opened her car door to hear her fathers monotone voice. “Who was that? Another guy your slutting around with?”

       Cassandra hopped in the car and shut the door to avoid any public altercation. “No he’s just a friend.”

       “You can’t fool me.” Dale drove off almost running a few bystanders over.

       Cassandra kept her eyes out the window. She watched Isaac and John walking to John’s beat up Volvo.


       “Why isn’t Cassandra coming?” John asked Isaac.

       “Her dad showed up to take her home.”

       “Oh, you can sit up front with me then. What’s with her dad anyway?” John innocently asked.

       “What’s it to you?” Isaac became defensive.

       “Whoo, hold up. I was just wondering. You don’t have to tell me.” John headed to the middle school.

       “Where are we going?” Isaac asked.

       “To pick up my two sisters.” John drove up to a crowed school.

       “Oh yeah, I forgot.”

       “Well you’re going to have to watch out for April, she’s the older one. She is a bit flirtatious. And then there’s Amy, she’s shy so you won’t hear much from her.”

       Two girls came running through the crowd and into the back of John’s car.

       “Hey girls!” John greeted. “This is my friend Isaac.”

       “Hey Isaac. Isaac is a very pretty name.” One girl sputtered.

       Isaac took it she was April. “Thank you. Nice to meet you two.” Isaac turned slightly to view a red faced girl who sat plastered to the car door, as far as she could from Isaac and another girl who sat on the edge of her seat with her hand out.

       “April.” She shoved her hand over the front seat and Isaac shook it lightly nodding .

       John took off down the street heading for his house.

       “You have real nice hair Isaac.” April ran her hand through his hair.

       He pulled away. “Uhh, thanks April.”

       John looked over at him. Isaac wore an unpleasant face. “April he’s taken. He has a girlfriend.” He announced. Isaac gave him a thankful smile.

       “So what’s she got to do with me?” April stated still admiring Isaac.

       “OH NO!” Isaac threw his head against the head rest.


       “I forgot the keys are at me house in my other pants.” He cursed under his breath.

       “Well where do you live. We can stop by.” April said.

       “Yeah we can stop by.”

       “It’s on Eve Avenue. You know where that it?” Isaac asked.

       “Yeah, Jane lives around there.” John turned his car around and headed to Eve Avenue.

       April was happy that she got to spend more time with her new found love interest. “So what’s your girl friends name?” April questioned

       Isaac looked back at her funny. “Cassandra.”

       “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”


       “Do you live with both your parents?”


       “What do they do?” She just wouldn’t leave him alone.

       John swatted at her. “Sit back, get your seat belt on and leave my friend alone.”

       “Fine.” April did as she was told finally leaving Isaac alone.

       “My house is right there with the white picket fence.” Isaac pointed.

       “Okay.” John pulled over in front of the house.

       “I’ll be right back.” Isaac opened his door.

       “Can I come in with you?” April stepped out of the car with him.

       “April!” John yelled.

       “Sorry. I’m just going to run in and run right back out.” He ran off while April sat back down closing the door.

       “Gee” Isaac breathed. “Never ride with John again.” He made a mental note as he grabbed the keys and left his room.

       “Where are you running off to young man?” Mr. Hanson shouted.

       “Picking up Cassandra’s car.” Isaac ignored his father shutting the front door behind him.

       “Got them.” He held them out on the palm of his hand.

       “Okay, my house now.” John took off once again.

       Isaac noticed Aprils quietness. “Thank goodness.” He thought.

       “That’s your car? Wow!” April billowed

       “Oh no, it wasn’t done yet.” Isaac rolled his eyes and moaned to himself. “No its not my car. It’s Cassandra’s.”

       “It’s cool. Do you think you can give me a ride? Just around the block?” April asked pleading with his eyes.

       “April you have to get home and do your home work.” John grabbed her arm before she charged out of the car.

       “Aww, come on.”


       “Maybe next time.” Isaac smiled. “Like hell there will be a next time.” He thought. He turned around and smiled at Amy. “Nice to have met you, Amy.” Amy turned around quickly at the mention of her name and shyly smiled back at him. He thought she was cute still in her little corner of the car trying to block the rest of the world out, or maybe just her sister?

       “Thank you for the ride.”

       “Sure, your welcome.” John said.

       “Yeah, very, very welcome. See ya later.” April waved.

       “Bye.” Isaac gave John a your-sister-is-crazy look and walked to Cassandra’s car. He grabbed the ticket from under the window wipers and pocketed it. Hopping into the car he started the engine and headed to Cassandra’s house. He had to park it in front of her house without Dale seeing. That was going to be fun.

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