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      It was the next day and school was over. Cassandra had dodged her fathers car that was in front of ‘Freedom High’s’ front entrance and started walking home with Isaac. Isaac wouldn’t have it any other way. She still hadn’t told him about the other days excursion with her father.

      “Did I tell you I had a job interview today?” Isaac looked over at Cassandra who was stepping on all the cracks on the side walk. She hoped the riddle would work on her father. “Step on a crack break your fathers back.” “Step on a line break your fathers spine.” The lyrics ran through her head.

      “You do? Cool! For what?” She looked up at Isaac and smiled.

      “A bag boy at Von’s.” Isaac told her. “I know its not too exciting.” He chuckled.

      “No, it’s great.” Cassandra grabbed Isaac’s hand and intertwined her fingers with his. “I heard they make good money.”

      “Yeah, they do.” Isaac squeezed her hand. “And I can also move-up.”

      “That’s good. When do you go in?” Cassandra asked.

      “Right when we get home I have to start walking again.”

      “You’ll definitely be getting in your exercise, now won’t you?” Cassandra laughed. “You can use my car when you have to start working.”

      “Don’t count on it. I’m not a real people person.”

      “What? Of course you’ll get it.” Cassandra looked at him strangely. She had never seen him show any signs of low self-esteem. He was always so confident, at least that’s what Cassandra saw.

       “You’re right.” Isaac swung both of their hands in the air, back and forth. “Of course I’ll get the job.” There’s that confidence.


      “Are you sure you’re going to be all right here all by yourself?” Isaac stood at his door frame looking in at Cassandra who was sitting on his bed getting out her school books.

       “Yeah, Isaac.” She laughed at him. “I came here all by myself yesterday, remember. I’m fine.”

       “Alrighty then. I’m going to lock you in anyway.” He turned the lock on the inside of the door. “Okay I’m going now and I’m going to come back an employed man.” Isaac raised his eyebrows up and down quickly and closed the door.

       “Bye!” Cassandra yelled at the door.

       Cassandra waited a few minutes until she knew Isaac was down the street. She ripped out a blank piece of paper from her note book and started to write a note to Isaac.

       She folded the paper and placed it on Isaac’s pillow. He couldn’t miss it. She then gathered her things and climbed out the window.


       Isaac walked in fast strides to Von’s. He didn’t want to be late, and knew he was on the verge. Rounding the corner Von’s large sign came into view. “Ahh.” He breathed as he looked down at his wrist, the watch beeped its hourly beep. He was late. He jogged to the entrance and went to where the manager had told him. Coming to an office door he knocked.

       “Come in.” A mans voice yelled.

       Isaac opened the door to see a man in slacks and striped business shirt. He wore a name tag on his left breast pocket that read Larry Mac. Mr. Mac walked behind his desk and sat down.

       “Sorry if I’m late.” Isaac looked at his watch once again.

       “No problem...” Mr. Mac held his hand out.

       “Its Isaac.” Isaac gladly took Mr. Mac’s hand in a firm shake.

       “Okay Isaac.” Mr. Mac pushed himself closer to the desk. “Have a seat.” Isaac sat down on one of the chairs that was place in front of the desk. “Now, you want to bag right?”

       “Yes, Mr. Mac.”

       “Well, it just so happens that I desperately need someone in that area.” Mr. Mac looked Isaac straight in the eye. “What times can you work?”

       Isaac smiled. “Well I’m in school from eight till two fifteen so any time but then.”

       “How many hours can you work?” Mr. Mac leaned back in his chair. A loud squeak vibrated off the small rooms walls.

       “As long as you need me.”

       “I mean don’t high school students have a time limit?” Mr. Mac furrowed his eyebrows in wonder.

       “Oh, no not me. Since I’m almost eighteen I don’t have a time limit. I don’t need a permit either.”

       “Okay, well when can you start?” Mr. Mac smiled.

       “Right now.” Isaac sort of jumped in his seat and smiled.

       “Well, how about tomorrow at two thirty? Is that too early? Can you get here in time?”

       “Yeah, that’s fine. I have a car tomorrow so it should be no problem. Thank you.” Isaac started to stand.

       “Wait,” Mr. Mac started. “Why don’t I have someone show you the ropes right now? Then I can get all the needed paper work filled out and then you’ll be all set for tomorrow.” Mr. Mac stood up.

       “Fine with me.” Isaac followed Mr. Mac out into the store.

       After introducing Isaac to a fellow bag girl named Lucy and showing him what he was supposed to do Mr. Mac made him sign a few papers and he was on his way back home.


       “I got the..” Isaac opened his door and looked around. Cassandra was no where to be seen. “job.” He saw the note on his pillow and picked it up.

       I know your going to be mad when you don’t find me in your room to share your good news with. And I know your going to be furious when you’re finished reading this. Yes, I did go home. I needed to go. I need to find a way to stop all this and find out why he started it all again. So, please don’t freak. I’ll call you.

       “Well that’s just great.” Isaac collapsed into his bed where he waited for Cassandra’s call. The phone rang an hour later and Isaac rushed to it.

       “Cassandra?” Isaac hollered into the phone.

       “Yeah, Isaac. Sorry I had to leave you a note and just take off.” Cassandra whispered.

       “Are you all right?” Isaac questioned.

       “I’m fine. Did you get the job?”

       “Yes, but where’s your father?”

       “Oh, congratulations! I knew you’d get it and I’m fine Isaac, Dale’s passed out in his room.”

       “Cassandra, you can’t stay there. Please come back.”

       “I know but he’s my father and I know that somewhere inside of him is the man I used to know and love.” Cassandra muttered.

       “But I’m trying to better myself. With this job I can take care of us both. He’s going to hurt you bad. You have to come back.” Isaac pleased.

       “Isaac I’m proud of you for getting this job but I’ve got to do this. Just give me a couple days and if it doesn’t work out I promise you I’ll come back.”

       “Promise me you’ll be careful and you call me if he starts to act up or if anything happens.”

       “I promise.” Cassandra crossed her heart.

       “I still don’t think this is a good idea.” Isaac debated.

       “I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” Cassandra interrupted him.

       “Okay.” Isaac said slowly. “I love you.”

       “I love you too.” Cassandra smiled. “Oh, when do you start work?” She whispered.

       “Tomorrow at two thirty.”

       “When should you get my car and how?”

       “Just forget about the car. I’ll walk or ask a friend for a ride.”

       “Are you sure?”

       “Yeah no big deal.” Isaac urged.

       “Okay, well I better go.” Cassandra declared.

       “All right, I love you.”

       “I love you too.”

       “Take care of yourself.”

       “I promise.”


       “Bye.” Finally they both hung up the phone.

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