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      Isaac started on the main route to Oklahoma City. He wasn’t quite sure which road Dale had taken but hoped it was the common one. He flew down the streets in Cassandra’s Eclipse. It was a good thing Cassandra always kept her gas tank on full, he would need it. He hoped he could find their car in the darkened freeway. He followed the signs above him that pointed the way to the city. He knew he was going to get in trouble for leaving his job, but he had to do this. He had to find Cassandra and Dale.

      There was a slowdown on the roadway up ahead. Isaac squinted to see what the problem was, but he couldn’t quite make it out. When he got closer he saw a tow truck pulling a car up from the cliff. It was a black BMW. It didn’t all register until he saw the license plate. It was Dale’s car.

      “Oh my god!” Isaac pulled his car over. He quickly jumped out without shutting off his engine. He ran over to the tow truck driver. “What happened? My girlfriend was in that car.” Isaac was frantic. “Oh my gosh, Cassandra.” He started to pace.

      “I don’t know what happened. I’m only here to tow the car.” The towing man pushed a button on his truck and the BMW was now up the cliff. “All I know is there was one fatality.”

      Isaac looked as though he was going to pass out at any minute . He leaned his arms on the noisy tow truck and put his face in his hands. “Do you know what hospital they would be at?” Isaac asked.

      “There’s only one in town, Kaiser. Its off the second exit , turn a left then at the first stop sign turn right. You can’t miss it.”

      Isaac took off with out even a thanks. He jammed in his car and followed the simple directions. When he got into the parking lot he had to park in the way back. This time he shut off his engine and ran as fast as he could to the main entrance.

      When he got through the electric doors he headed straight to the desk that was positioned to the side. Isaac pushed his way through a few people that were waiting to be helped.

      “Where is Cassandra Stone?” He blurted.

      “Sir, please wait in line.” One elderly lady advised as she pointed to the back of the line and continued to help the next person.

      “I just need to know where an emergency patient would be. They probably took her in an ambulance.” Isaac stepped back.

      “I’ll be with you in just one moment.” The woman snapped.

      Isaac took a place in line as he continued to moan and fidget. He tapped his feet on the ground and switched weight from one foot to the other. His hands had a mind of their own as they were shoved in and out of his pockets and thumped at his sides.

      The lady in line in front of him saw his eagerness and lightly tapped his shoulder. “Excuse me?” She mumbled.

      Isaac jumped as she touched him and looked up at the middle aged woman. “Yes?”

      “You should go in front of me.” She took a step back and he gladly stepped up. “They shouldn’t make you stand in line to find an injured loved one.” She put in.

      “Thank you.” Isaac thanked her and faced the front of the line. He was next.

      “Okay, now can I help you?” The receptionist asked rudely.

      “Yes, I need to find Cassandra Stone. She was in a car accident off the freeway and was supposedly brought here.” Isaac respond with the same rudeness.

      “Oh for emergencies you need to go down the hall and take a right. There’s a desk there you can ask.”

      “What? Now you tell me. You could have said something a bit sooner.” Isaac ran off yelling at her.

      He finally came to the desk. It was unoccupied. Only an older man sat behind it. “Can I help you?” He asked.

      “Yes, I need to find Cassandra Stone. She was in a car crash with her father, I know one of them died and I just,” Isaac started.

      The man typed her name into the computer. “Oh,” The man started sounding disappointed.

      “What? Don’t tell me it’s her.” Isaac placed his elbows on the desk and his head in his hands. “Oh, please God.”

      “No, son.” The man brought up another file on the computer. “I don’t see her name in the computer.”

      “It’s got to be there. She can’t be dead. Look again!” Isaac yelled.

      The man typed Cassandra Stone into the computer again as Isaac begain to pace franticly in front of the desk. His hands combed through his hair pulling on it slightly.

      “I’m sorry.” The man broke through Isaac frantic thoughts. “It’s not here.”

      “No!” His breath became heavier. He stumbled backwards into a chair and just stayed there. Tears building in his eyes and his breathing became faster. “Not Cassandra.” He whispered.

      The man at the desk became very worried as he watched Isaac start to hyperventilate. After calling a nurse for him, he stepped away from his desk and to Isaac. “Son, you need to calm down.”

      A nurse came up to the two with an oxygen tank. She placed the mask over Isaac’s nose and mouth telling him to breath. He did as she told him and started to breath normally.

      “Maybe they haven’t put her name into the computer yet. With the accident they might not know who she is if she didn’t have an ID.” The old man said.

      The nurse looked to the man as he spoke. “A girl in a car accident?” She asked.

      Isaac nodded his head. “Cassandra.” He pulled off the mask.

      “Son, please keep the mask on.” The nurse put it back. “There was just and emergency with a girl and her father in a BMW.”

      “Cassandra, WHERE!” Isaac stood quickly.

      “She was the one in the BMW crash, bad accident.” The nurse commented. “I’m sure the doctor wants to talk to you. Cassandra’s on the third floor, if you go up there and sit in the waiting room I’ll tell the doctor your here.” The nurse pointed to the elevator.

      “Is she all right?” Isaac looked at her intently.

      “I’m sorry, I don’t know. I didn’t work that emergency.” The nurse quickly left for the phone.

      “Wait, are you family?” The man that looked Cassandra up in the computer asked.

      Isaac thought for a minute. He had to see Cassandra and they probably didn’t let anyone in that wasn’t family. “I’m her fiancee.” Isaac blurted. “I can’t see her before I talk to the doctor?”

      “No, I’m sorry.”

      “You can’t even tell me how she is? What’s wrong?”

      “I don’t know that, son.”

      “Well, thanks.” Isaac waved as he ran for the elevator with new hope.

      “Your welcome.”

      Isaac took the elevator up to the third floor and sat in the waiting room and waited and waited and waited. Finally he got so impatient that he stood up and paced the small room. He was very uncomfortable and his movements proved it.

      Minutes had past and a man in a green doctors jacket appeared in the room holding a folder.

      “Is someone here for Cassandra Stone?” The doctor asked as he searched all the eyes in the waiting room.

      Isaac ran over to him. “That’s me.”

      “I’m Dr. Gus.” Dr. Gus held out his hand to Isaac.

      Isaac was too disturbed to notice. “Is she all right.”

      “Why don’t you come with me?” The Dr. pulled his hand away and started to walked down the hall. They stopped in the middle of the long walk way. Dr. Gus turned towards Isaac again.

      “Well?” Isaac asked eagerly.

      “Cassandra was very lucky she had her seat belt on, unlike her father.” The doctor started.

      Isaac nodded and dropped his eyes to the ground.

      “She has suffered a few bruised ribs and cuts and bruises. Right now she’s in ICU in a coma.”

      “In a coma?” Isaac panicked.


      “Is she going to come out?”

      “Were not sure, and if she does we don’t know if she’ll have brain damage, but we’re hoping for the best.”

      It was all processing through Isaac’s head. He couldn’t believe this was all happening. “Can I see her now?” Isaac asked.

      “Yeah, follow me.” The doctor walked down the white cluttered hall. “Remember even though she’s in a coma she can still hear you. Sometimes it brings them back.” The doctor pointed to a door.

      Isaac nodded and looked at the door for a moment. He placed his hand on the knob and breathed a sigh. “Thank you.” He turned the knob.

      “Someone will be in in a minute.” The doctor walked off as Isaac slowly creaked open the door.

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