C H A P T E R     T W E N T Y

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      Days had passed and Cassandra showed no signs of waking. Isaac stayed at the hospital only leaving the room when necessary, like when nurse Marge made him take a walk to get some fresh air, or to take a shower in one of the public bathroom showers. He called his mother and father and told them he was going to be gone a few days with some friends. He didn’t feel like telling them what happened yet.

      “Do you work all the time Marge? Your’re here like everyday.” Isaac asked as he watched Marge clean Cassandra’s wounds.

      Marge smiled crookedly. “Almost, you didn’t see me yesterday, I was off.”

      “Yeah, we had miss charming yesterday.” Isaac rolled his eyes remembering the occurrences of yesterday.

      “Here why don’t you go get yourself some dinner.” Marge handed him a couple bucks.

      Isaac pushed her hand away. “Oh no, I’m not going to take your money.” He had been spent all the money he had on him for food the last couple of days and now he was starving but he wasn’t going to owe anyone anymore money. He didn’t even know her. “Especially from a stranger.”

      “I’m no stranger, Mr. Hanson.” Marge tucked her money into his shirt pocket.

      “No really, I already owe people. I don’t need to owe you too and besides I’m going home tonight, I have school tomorrow.” Isaac gave her the money back.

      “All right, I’m glad your going home. You can finally change your stinky clothes.” Marge turned up her nose.

      “I don’t stink.” Isaac defended.

      “Whatever, Mr. Hanson.”

      “Marge, do you thinks she’ll wake?” Isaac became serious.

      “I’m not one to say yay or nay.” Marge looked up at him. “But I hope she does.”

      “And when she does will she remember what I told her when she was in the coma?”

      “Some do, some don’t.” Marge simply stated as she started to clean up her medical equipment.

      Isaac started to stare down at Cassandra like he had been doing for the last couple of days. Just taking in all of her, noting every little mark of hers.

      “I’ll be back later.” Marge walked to the door. “Try not to stare a hole in her, will ya?” She chuckled as she closed the door behind her. ‘He probably didn’t hear a word I just said.’ She thought to herself rolling her eyes and continuing on her way to her next patient.

      Isaac peeled his eyes from Cassandra and walked over to the window. It was huge with a view over almost the whole city. He opened the window. The breeze swept past him sending his hair spinning, like a tornado. He breathed in the fresh air and looked up to the sky. It was around four o’clock, they had a few more hours before it got dark. The white marshmallow clouds glided slowly across the light blue sky. He started to talk to Cassandra with his back to her, still gazing out the window.

      “You know I got fired from my job at Von’s? Apparently my mom got a phone call at home telling me. I guess running out on my shift and not coming in the next couple of days didn’t look to good.” Isaac chucked. “Anyway, I have to leave soon, Cassandra. I hope you don’t mind that I’m using your car to get back and forth. I have to go to school, I can’t miss anymore days or I’m out. I want to stay here with you though, so bad. What if you wake up when I’m not here? You’ll be all alone and scared. I want to be here. I wish you would wake up before I left so I know your okay.”

      “I’m okay.” A voice broke off his rambling.

      Isaac spun around on his heels and stood motionless. As bad as he wanted it to happen it caught him off guard, he didn’t know what to do next. “Oh my gosh, Cassandra.” His feet refused to move as he wanted them to. “Your’re awake.” Finally the shock left and he had full control. He ran to the side of her bed and took her hand. He squeezed it so tight Cassandra whinced. He gave her a hug as well as he could with her laying hurt. He kissed her face all over. “I’ll go get Marge. Oh my gosh.” He ran out of the room.

      Isaac ran around the fourth floor searching for Marge. Finally he found her, she was walking out of a patients room. “Marge!” He yelled. Marge turned around to see Isaac coming at her full speed. “She’s awake! She just woke up!” He raved as he collided with her.

      “Oh good.” Marge stabled herself with the wall. “I’ll go get Dr. John.” Marge patted his shoulder as she jogged off to get the doctor.

      Isaac caught himself just standing in the hall. He quickly ran back to Cassandra’s room. Dr. John was already there with Marge. He walked up to the side of Cassandra’s bed that was unoccupied and took her hand.

      “What happened?” Cassandra asked.

      “You were in a car accident.”

      The doctor was making sure she was all right. It seemed she was just fine. The only thing that seemed to be a problem was her memory. She remembered everything up until the accident. Dr. John told her she might remember it later. Marge and Dr. John looked at Isaac knowing that someone was going to have to tell her about her father. Isaac nodded his head knowing he was going to have to tell her.

      Dr. John and Marge left the room after making sure everything was fine and surcure.

      “What happened? I don’t remember anything.” Cassandra looked at Isaac confused.

      Isaac breathed deeply as he ran his finger over her face. “I’m so glad your back.” He smiled. “Your father was taking you to Oklahoma City. Do you remember that?”

      “Yeah. He finally apologized and was taking me there to make up for it. He stopped drinking.”

      “Well, on your way he ran off the road and down a cliff.”

      “Is he all right? Where is he? Can I see him?” Cassandra shot questions left and right.

      Isaac averted his eyes from her gaze and onto the hospital sheets. “Cassandra, your.. your dad... Dale didn’t make it.” Isaac knew she loved him even though he had done so much damage in her life. And even though he was going to do the same thing to him at the bar with the MSG he felt so bad. He was glad that his plan didn’t work, it wasn’t his fault like this. Wasn’t resting on his shoulders.

      “What?” Cassandra gasped. “What?”

      “I’m sorry Cass.” Isaac whipped at tears that ran down her cheeks.

      “That can’t be. He was just turning around again.” Cassandra began to sob.

      “He died on impact. He didn’t suffer.” Isaac sat on the side to the bed and Cassandra wrapped her arms around him. She buried her face in his chest and cried. Isaac just held her.

      “I can’t believe it.” She spoke into his chest. “I can’t believe he’s gone.” The idea made her cry harder.

      “He’s in a better place now.” Isaac tried to calm her down while running his hand down her hair.

      “He left me. I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t know what to do.”

      “You got plenty of places to go. I’m here for you. And don’t worry about anything, you need to rest. We’ll figure everything out later.” Isaac comforted.

       “Thank you.” Cassandra felt a little better.


       Marge came into Cassandra’s hospital room later that day. “The detectives have been waiting for you to walk up. They’re coming tomorrow to ask you a few questions.” Marge told Cassandra.

       “Detectives?” Cassandra questioned.

       “I’m sure its normal.” Isaac comforted.

       “Yeah, they investigate every accident. They probably just want to ask questions about before the crash.” Marge insured.

       “Oh, okay.” Cassandra shrugged it off.

       “And figure out where you’ll go.”

       “Yeah, where I go...”

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