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       “Isaac, I didn’t see you yesterday.” Lindsay, one of Cassandra’s friends, walked up to Isaac during school lunch.

       “I was here.” Isaac answered.

       “Well, we didn’t see you anywhere.” Tasha explained. “We wanted to know if Cassandra was still in Oklahoma City. She’s not around and she hasn’t call any of us.”

       “That’s because she got in a car accident with her father on the way there.”

       “Oh my gosh, is she all right?” Lindsay and Tahsa panicked.

       “She was in a coma for a few days but she’s fine now. Her father died.”

       “Oh how terrible. Where is she? Can we see her?” Lindsay asked.

       “I don’t know where she is. They put her in a foster home.”

       “A foster home? That’s got to be harsh.” Tasha remarked.

       “I’m sure she’s just going through some rough times right now. She’ll call us when the times right.” Lindsay responded.

       “I hope so.” Tasha and Lindsay walked off together.

       “Earth to Ike, earth to Isaac.” Isaac’s friend Marlon waved a hand in front of his face.

       Isaac smacked it away from him. “What do you want?”

       “You’re like in your own little fairy tale world over there. Do you like one of those chicks or something?” Marlon chuckled. “They’re pretty hot, but Tasha is already taken by Zan, but then again what does that matter. You can kick his lily white butt.”

       “Marlon, you punk.” Isaac socked Marlon in the arm.


       “You know I’m going out with Cassandra.” Isaac failed to tell him about Cassandra.

       “Oh, so that’s the problem. You need to get rid of her to get in Lindsay’s pants. Cause you know Cassandra ain’t givin’ you any.” Marlon poked fun.

       “You’re a jerk.”

       “Yep, see what not getting any has done to you? You’re hard up.”

       “And Cassandra thought I was a pervert. Could you imagine if I were like you? Now I know why you get dumped almost every other day.”

       “Least I’m getting some.” Marlon punched Isaac in the stomach. “Why don’t you come with me and Greg after school? Were going to Jill’s house and having a little privet party.”

       “No, I think I’ll pass.” Isaac looked disgusted at Marlon.

       “Fine with me.”


       After school Isaac hopped into Cassandra’s eclipse and followed the directions Marge had given him on a napkin the day before.

       Isaac pulled into the police stations parking lot and immediately spotted Marge leaning up against her white Jeep Cherokee. Isaac pulled his car up beside hers and got out.

       “Hey there.” Marge greeted


       “So did you bring the letter?” Marge asked.

       “Yep, got it right here.” Isaac patted his pant pocket. “I’ve been thinking, what if they think I planted the dress and letter?”

       “That’s a possibility.”

       “I mean I did break into her house. And I touched everything, it all has my finger prints.”

       “But it’s Dales hand writing on the note.” Marge put in.

       “I guess so.” Isaac didn’t seem to sure.

       “Well, lets put it this way, your not lying now, are you?” Marge asked.


       “Okay then.” Marge patted Isaac’s shoulder. “Go in there and show ‘em whatcha got.”

       Marge and Isaac walked side by side to the entrance of the police station.

       “Wait a second.” Isaac stopped.


       “What am I supposed to say? Excuse me mister policeman sir, I think my girl friends father was going to kill her and himself before they plummeted off a cliff and he died?”

       “How about we ask for detective Brooks and Wallace first?”

       “Can we just see if they will tell us where she is first? I know Cassandra doesn’t want her personal life broadcast around.”

       “Sure but I doubt they will tell.” Marge continued into the station with Isaac following behind. They both walked up to the main desk.

       “Hello, can I help you?” A woman behind the desk dressed in and officers uniform asked.

       “Hi, um, is detective Brooks and or Wallace here?” Marge asked for Isaac.

       “I’m pretty sure they are. Do you want me to get them for you?” The lady asked politely.

       Marge and Isaac nodded their heads.

       “All right, be right back.” The lady officer walked further behind her desk and disappeared behind a wall.

       Isaac’s hands repeatedly tapped at his sides and he uneasily bent his right ankle leaning his full weight on the side of his foot while Marge steadily waited unruffled.

       “Sorry, I forgot to ask what this was about.” The officer came around the corner of the wall shaking her head. “Can I ask what the visit is concerning?”

       “A few days back my girlfriend got in a car accident, her father died and she was placed in a foster home.” Isaac spoke uneasy. “I need to find her.”

       The officer nodded her head and left behind the wall again. She came back moments later with a frown of her face. “I’m sorry but It seems that they can’t help you out here. She hasn’t called you or tried to contact you at all?”

       “No.” A scowl crossed Isaac’s face.

       “I’m sorry.” The officer sympathized.

       Marge butted into the conversation as she touched Isaac’s forearm. “He has more to tell the detectives about the situation. I think they would like to know the information.

       The officers eyes jetted from Marge to Isaac. “I’ll go talk to them again.” She headed to the back.

       “Well, that didn’t work.” Isaac frowned at Marge.

       “On to plan B.” Marge winked at Isaac.

       “What if she’s even more mad at me because I told them all about it?” Isaac asked sadly.

       “Then let her be, she’ll cool down sooner or later.”

       “Okay, they will see you now!” The officer interrupted their conversation. “Follow me.”

       Isaac and Marge trailed behind her into a large room in the back. The room was brightly lit with two desks on either side of the room. Two men were at one, one sitting behind the desk and the other on the top.

       “Hi, I’m detective Wallace.” Wallace stood from his seat behind the desk.

       “I’m Brooks.”

       Everyone shook hands and Isaac introduced them both to Marge explaining who she was.

       “You said you had some information for us?” Wallace questioned.

       “Yes, he does.” Marge lightly shoved Isaac from behind telling him to go on.

       Isaac reached into his pocket pulling out the letter Dale wrote. “Yeah, here.” He handed it to Wallace. “I found it on Cassandra’s bed on a dress yesterday.”

       Isaac and Marge watched as Wallace read it and handed it to Brooks to read. They stared at each other for a moment and then looked to Isaac.

       “Where did you find this son?” Wallace questioned.

       “It was on a dress, on her bed in her room.” Isaac explained.

       “Did Cassandra see this note?”

       “No, she hasn’t been home yet.”

       “So how did you get into the house?”

       “Well, I let myself in.”

       “You mean you broke in?”

       “The window to the guest room was open.”

       “That’s called breaking and entering.”

       “But you don’t understand, Dale wrote that note. Don’t you get it?” Isaac pleaded.

       “Well, it has his signature but that doesn’t mean he wrote it.

       “It all ties in.” Isaac was becoming frustrated.

       The detectives glanced at each other.

       “The boys got more.” Marge interceded. “Go ahead Isaac tell them.”

       Isaac preseded to fill the detectives in on the whole story. After Isaac was sure he told the detectives everything they thanked him.

       “Okay, Isaac you can go home now, son.” Wallace gestured towards the door.

       “That’s it? What about Cassandra? You have to tell her.”

       “You’ve been very helpful. Now go home and if we need any more information we’ll give you a call. And if I hear about you being in Cassandra’s house again I will have you arrested.” Wallace warned.

       “But wh...” Isaac started.

       “Come on boy.” Marge grabbed Isaac by the arm gently and lead him out the door.

       Isaac wasn’t sure if the detectives believed him after all he was just a kid and they didn’t act too excited.

       As Marge lead Isaac out of the station Isaac had to squint his eyes. The florescent lights above them were much brighter than the ones in Wallace and Brooks office. The air smelled of stale Kentucky fried chicken from an earlier lunch. He noticed that the station wasn’t that busy being a small town like Ponto and all.

       As soon as they were out of the station Isaac pulled his arm away from Marge. “I need to find her and tell her.” Isaac demanded. “They don’t believe me at all.”

       “Yes they do. Now why don’t you go home like they said and let them do their job?” Marge took out her keys from her purse.

       “I can’t just sit and wait. They aren’t doing anything.”

       “I know how you feel but there’s nothing you can do.” Marge pressed. “Here,” She handed him a paper and pen. “give me your phone number and if there’s anything I find out I’ll call you.”

       Isaac willingly wrote down his number and handed it back to Marge.

       “And I’ll give you mine in case you need to talk.” Marge handed Isaac her phone number. “I want you to go to school tomorrow. We’ll find her.”

       “Thank you Marge.” Isaac stuffed her number in his pocket and robotically climbed into Cassandra’s car and drove home.

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