C H A P T E R     T H R E E

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      The next morning Dale drove Cassandra to school. “Cassandra I’m going to...”

      “Pick you up for lunch again. I know.” Cassandra interrupted her father. She really didn’t mind going out to lunch with her father because she knew fourth period was set with Isaac. “Dale, I want to eat with my friends tomorrow and the next. Besides we have that dinner thing tonight anyway.” Cassandra complained.

      “All right, but can you please stay away from Isaac?”


      “Either promise me of I’m taking you out to lunch until you graduate.”

      “I promise.” Cassandra mouned. She wasn’t planning on staying away from him, just please her father so he would leave her alone.

      “Okay, I’m picking you up after school . Remember dinner.”

      “Yeah, yeah. How could I forget.” If she was reminded about the dinner one more time she was going to throw up. Her father kept plexing on it. This morning he had her get her dress ready and set out all that she needed to get ready so that they wouldn’t be late.

      She hopped out of the car walking on to ‘Freedom High’s’ property scanning her surroundings and the people around her. She finally caught a glimpse of Isaac as he stared her down. She smiled and he returned it making sure Dale hadn’t been watching.

      Cassandra walked to her locker leaning her back against it waiting for Isaac who soon appeared.

      “Why hello darlin’.” He eyed her raising his eye brows.

      “Morning to you.” She grind back at him and then turned around spinning the lock to her locker and then unhooking the lock. She tried lifting the latch which turned out to be unfruitful. She stood waiting for Isaac to reach around her like he did every day and swiftly lift the leaver with ease but he didn’t.

      “Isaac?” Cassandra turned around to see Isaac gapping at a beautiful long legged girl walking by. Cassandra found it so disrespectful. She turned back around pretending she hadn’t noticed his wandering eyes. Here was a guy that was going out with her and had even said he loved her but made goo goo eyes at another. “You like that?”

      “Huh?” Isaac’s eyes fell on Cassandra forgetting about the gorgeous long legged beauty walking by.

      “Nothing.” Cassandra spat slamming her heavy fist against her locker door springing it open. “Ahh, I did it. I did it myself.” She bounced about and went to put her books away when her eyes fell on a single rose placed in the middle of her locker. She put her books down and carefully picked up the delicate flower. Touching the red pedals with light fingertips and then bringing it to her pudgy nose and inhaling its sweet fragrance.

      “Seems as though someone likes you.” Isaac said behind her. Cassandra swung around looking up at Isaac who was a head taller than her. “Will you go out with me tonight?” He added.

      Cassandra downcast her eyes looking at her new airwalks. “Isaac, my dads stupid business dinner is tonight. Besides I'm grounded, remember?”

      “Oh.” Yet another inconvenience for them because of her father.

      “Sorry. She looked up at him taking in his strong manly features and full lips. His hair was cut just above his shoulders and a piece hung down swinging in front of his carmel eyes. She lifted her hand lightly shoving the piece behind his ear.

      “How about the evening you're ungrounded?” He asked as he watched her eyes inspecting him.

      “Of course I will.” She smiled.

      “What about your father?”

      “I’ll tell him I’m going to a friends or something.” Cassandra closed her locker. “You know he’s going to pick me up today for lunch again? I talked to him this morning and told him that I wanted to stay for lunch.”

      “What did he say to that?” They walked hand in hand towards Cassandra’s first class.

      “He made me promise that I wouldn’t hang around you, and so no more lunch dates with Dale.”

      “What a bad girl. Shame on you.”

      “Just holding up your reputation, bad boy. Wouldn’t want people to think your going soft dating Miss 'Obide By The Rules'.”

      Isaac put his hands to Cassandra’s sides and tickled her. “We wouldn’t want that.”

      The bell rang right as Cassandra and Isaac walked to the door of Miss Everclear’s History class. “Don’t forget fourth period.”

      “I would never.” Isaac walked off leaving Cassandra to her History lesson and him to his English class on the other side of the school.


      At the end of third period Cassandra quickly walked through the quad and started heading to their spot in the field.

      “Cassandra where are you going? Study hall is this way.” Susan yelled. Susan was in the same class as Cassandra, that’s where the met. They became class buddies on the first day of school, but never hung out outside of class.

      “Sorry, Susan, but I have a more important class to go to.” Cassandra kept walking.

      Cassandra had told Susan all about Isaac. Even down to the gooey details. Cassandra didn’t really have any real close friends that she could confide in, just Isaac who did a pretty good job at listening.

      About a month or two ago she told him that a guy was harassing her and he had fought it out for her. Leaving a blood stained boy laying on the cold hard pavement. “It was his own fault.” Isaac defended himself. “You don’t mess with my girl.”

      The guys name was James and he had hassled Cassandra time in time again until she finally told Isaac. Cassandra just wanted his lude comments and jestures to stop but Isaac had other plans. He promised he would talk to James and maybe threaten him if he had to but James had a big head and refused to let down. So Isaac took a swing and it turned into a testosterone brawl. James didn’t have a chance against Isaac. Isaac pummeled him to the ground standing over him shouting obscenities and throwing punches until he was pulled away by a couple of friends and two narks at school.

      He had gotten away with it, not spending more than twenty minutes in the office. Who knows how he talked himself out of that. He seemed to always walk away from trouble with no repercussions.

      Cassandra finished her walk to the ‘tree’ stepping around it to see Isaac carving into its thick years of bark. She peered at his initials I.H. and a plus sign. They were circled in a heart and Isaac finished writing something at the bottom which she assumed was her initials. “Whatcha doin’?”

      Isaac made one last move with his Swiss army knife. Isaac stashed his knife into his pant packet and reached for Cassandra’s arm pulling her closer to him. He put his arm around her shoulders as she laid her head on his chest and read what he had written one more time.

      ‘I.H. + C.S.’

      “How sweet.” Cassandra fingered the ingraving. “You’re just full of it today, aren’t ya?”

      “What can I say? The last couple of days have been ruff on me. No lunch meetings, no after school. What am I supposed to do without you?”

      “I don’t know, go call that girl you were staring at this morning.”

      “What girl?”

      “The girl your were gawking at while we were at my locker.”

      “Oh, that girl.” A small smile formed on Isaac’s lips. “I was looking at her shoes.”

      “Yeah? What’s that smile for them?”

      “I was wondering how she could walk on those god awful shoes. They look so painful.”

      “Well they are.” Cassandra was a natural girl who wore jeans and a tee shirt with a minimal amount of make up. Never the type to wear short shorts and tube tops. She didn’t understand the girls that did. They were constantly uncomfortable pulling down their mini skirts and nursing blisters on their feet.

      “A mans allowed to look, isn’t he?”

      “Not when he’s going out with me.”

      “You know your the only woman for me, babe. It says it right here.” Isaac pointed to the carving in the tree and circled her in his arms.

      “Yeah, well next time watch where your eyes roam.” She leaned into a breath taking kiss.

      “Nothin’ but you babe, nothin’ but you.” He smothered her in another kiss.

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