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      Cassandra passed the Poinsettia shopping mart and then turned right driving down Isaac’s street. She searched for the small white and blue trimmed house and pulled to the side of it parking in front of a white picket fence that separated Isaac’s front yard from the bubble gum stained side walk.

      She sprang from her car grabbing her keys and swiftly walked to the black security gated front door. Isaac had installed the security screen door last summer for protection purposes. Everyone on the block had one. Cassandra rang the door bell and waited patiently for an answer. Not seconds later Isaac’s mother, Mrs. Hanson, opened the door.

      “Can I help you?”

      Cassandra looked Mrs. Hanson over. Inspecting her exotic way of dressing. She wore high black leather daisy dukes, a red leather bra with fringes and black leather boots. “Uh is Isaac home?” Before Cassandra finished her last words Isaac popped out from behind his mother. Cassandra’s lips formed into a smile as she saw his face.

      “Hey Cassandra, what are you doing here so early?”

      “Is it okay?” Cassandra’s eyes roamed back over to Mrs. Hanson.

      “Yeah, it’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting you.” Isaac placed his right hand on his mothers shoulder. “Thanks mom.” He gave her a slight push with his hand and Mrs. Hanson walked away leaving her son and his girl friend alone in the door way.

      “Sorry about my mom. She’s getting ready to head off to work.”

      “It’s fine.” Cassandra peered into his house as much as the open door would let her. She was never invited in and was very curious as to how the inside looked. Isaac saw her wandering eyes and stepped down onto the patio joining Cassandra and closed the door behind him.

      “So did you want to go on out little excursion now?”

      “Yeah, sure. That’s fine with me. Let me go put a shirt on over this.” Isaac picked at his white under shirt. That was one of Cassandra’s favorite article of clothing for me, white under shirts. It was just enough to cover with but still had that see through look to it. “I’d invite you in but my fathers home and it’s not to attractive when he’s here.”

      “Oh, that’s okay. I’ll be waiting out here.”

      Cassandra stepped down from the patio taking a seat on the step and looking up at Isaac as he made his way back in. Her eyes then fell to the ground inspecting the few bugs that scurried around her feet. Her forehead creased as she strained to hear the conversation that went on inside the house. Apparently Isaac’s mother and father weren’t getting along with each other. Their voices roared with hate inflicting each other with hostility. Cassandra didn’t catch what the yelling was about but before she knew it it had stopped and the front door opened revealing Isaac’s mother.

      “Bye sweetie. See you around.” Mrs. Hanson patted Cassandra on the head.

      “Bye.” Cassandra watched her walk down the side walk and into her Pontiac. She thought Mrs. Hanson didn’t seem to be the kind to make money showing off her body and serving drinks but it was a way of making a living so she had to respect it somewhat. Although, it was degrading to women and she would never do such a thing.

      “You ready to hit the road?” Isaac playfully kneed Cassandra’s shoulder.

      “Yep.” Cassandra stood up brushing her behind off. “Do you want to drive?” She hung her keys off her finger dangling them in front of her.

      “Of course.” He grabbed her keys and they both plunged into the car taking off. “Where to?”

      “The new Von’s on Vista Way.”

      “So how come were going so early?”

      Cassandra wasn’t going to tell Isaac about her fathers little investigation on him. She wasn’t about to ruin their relationship. “To get of out the house and away from Dale.”


      Dale went straight to his office and listened to the message Detective Wallace left for him. He then called him back.

      “Hi, it’s Dale.”

      “Yeah Dale, I found out that Clarke was recently fired from his job.”

      “Oh.” That wasn’t enough evidence for Dale to convince Cassandra not to see him again. “For what?”


      “Hum... anything else?”

      “Sorry but I don’t have to much fee time to go searching and it’s hard to sneak around my boss.”

      “Yeah, I know. Thanks for the help.”

      “Welcome. Bye.”



      Isaac pulled Cassandra’s car into Elite shopping mart. “Where do you want to park?”


      “How about right there?” Isaac pointed to an empty spot six cars away from the entrance.

      “Thats fine.” The whole ride there Cassandra’s mind speculated over Dale and him checking out Isaac’s background.

      “You stay right there.” Isaac cut the engine and swiftly exited the car. He locked the door and shut it behind him and made his way to the passengers side. He opened Cassandra’s door springing his arm into action waiting for Cassandra to take hold.

      “Why, thank you.” Casssandra clasped Isaac’s hand and they headed to the grocery store entrance.

      “Why, your welcome.” They stopped waiting for a speeding car to pass before crossing the street.

      As they waited Isaac stared at all the stores he had never been to before. He didn’t pay attention to his surroundings and before he knew it Cassandra had happily jumped into the street pulling him along into the front of the speeding car. Isaac briskly pulled Cassandra back to safely onto the curb.

      “Isaac,” Cassandra laughed. “he stopped for us.”

      The man in the car had seen the two and put on his breaks allowing Isaac and Cassandra to pass.

      “Oh, I knew that.” Isaac waved a thank you to the man in the car. They both then crossed safely.

      Isaac retrieved a shopping cart and they both entered the store greeted by a strong sent of oriental food.

      “Um.. I love the new Vons. It has everything, bakery, Deli, and my favorite Chinese food.” Cassandra eyed the delicious oriental food behind a glass border. “I can never get enough of that stuff, and having a father thats allergic to is doesn’t help much either.”

      “What is MSG or whatever it’s called, anyway?”

      “Isaac, its MSG.” Cassandra laughed as they headed over to the vegetable area. “It stands for Monosodium Glutamate and it’s an ingredient that they put in lots of things especially in Chinese food. Everyone had different reactions for it but if Dale gets too much it will kill him. It doesn’t bother most people but some get headaches or alot worse like Dale.

      “Ah, not nice.”


      Isaac looked back up to a big sign above the counter that read “No MSG Added”. “But it says right there “No MSG Added”.”

      “He doesn’t trust that. Just because they don’t add it doesn’t mean it’s not in some of the ingredients they use. They did it under different names.”


      “Why are you so interested?”

      “Just wanted to know, that’s all.” Isaac followed Cassandra down an isle pushing the cart in front of him. “So whatcha gonna buy me?” He laughed.

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