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      Cassandra and Isaac traveled through the large shopping mart. Cassandra grabbing almost everything she saw. Isaac had to calm her down explaining that she wasn’t feeding an army just three people for a week. But by the time they got to the car there basket was spilling over with plastic bags filled with food.

      “Cassandra, I don’t think I need all this.” They both stood at the trunk of Cassandra’s car loading up all the groceries.

      Cassandra looked up smiling. “So who’s going to help you bring it all into your house?”

      Isaac hadn’t thought of that. He didn’t want her in his house. He felt it was inadequate compared to her palace up on “Mart Hill” and he especially didn’t want her in while his father was home.

      “Guess I’ll finally get to see the inside of your house, huh?”

      “Yeah, I guess so.” Isaac pushed the cart in-between the cart collecting metal bars and he and Cassandra hoped into the car. Isaac drove them both back to his home.


      Isaac and Cassandra loaded up there arms with grocery bags and headed to Isaac’s front door. Isaac quickly and quietly opened the door. His whole posture changed as he entered. His foot steps were light and he crept in. Cassandra followed behind him searching his home.

      “This is a cool place.” Cassandra stated. She thought it was homey and comfortable. Little did Isaac know she hated her large empty house. She wanted a lived in quaint house.

      “Who’s there?” Isaac’s father shouted from the living room.

      Isaac’s shoulders fell. He had hoped his father wouldn’t hear them. “It’s me dad.”

      “Who’s with you?”


      “Go get me a beer.” Mr. Hanson didn’t acknowledge Cassandra’s presence.

      Both Cassandra and Isaac put their bags on the kitchen counter and Isaac went to the refrigerator to retrieve a beer. Isaac exited the kitchen to hand his father his drink and Cassandra headed back to the car. Isaac soon followed and they brought the rest of the groceries in and locked up the car. They went back to the kitchen and put things away.

      “I think my fridg is going to burst.” Isaac joked. “You know Cassandra this is just a loan, I plan to pay you back in full when I get another job.”

      “I know.” Cassandra gathered up all the empty bags, “Do you save these?”

      “Yeah, just stick them under the sink.” Isaac pointed to a white cabinet.


      “So now what are we going to do?”

      “Well I told Dale I wouldn’t be home until after dinner so... Can I see your room?”


      “Oh, come on. You’ve seen my room. I promise I won’t touch anything.”

      “Oh, all right.” Isaac lead her down a hall to the second door on the left and stopped. He dug around in his pocket and pulled out a key.

      “You lock your room up?” Cassandra questioned.

      “Uhh, yeah. In this house you kinda have to.” Isaac unlocked the door and showed Cassandra in.

      The room was small but livable. On the floor was a twin bed covered in clean plain white sheets, next to an antique looking dresser. On the opposite side there was a large desk with scattered papers covering the top. Cassandra walked over to the desk peeking at the papers. Isaac came up beside her grabbing them and shoving them into his top drawer.

      “What are those?”

      “Just a project I’m working on.”

      “For school?”

      “Uh, yeah. Extra credit.”

      “Cool, you need help?”

      “Nope, it’s fine.”

      Cassandra looked around the room a few time and then plopped herself down on Isaac’s soft mattress.

      “I’m sorry but can we go outside or something?” Isaac stood uneasy.

      “I like your room and your house but I guess so.” Cassandra stood up and followed Isaac’s lead.

      As the two were passing the living room door way Isaac’s father caught them. “Isaac.”

      Isaac sighed, “Yes dad?” He continued walking into the living room with Cassandra at his heels.

      “There’s Cassandra. I haven’t met you yet.” Mr. Hanson held out his stiff puffy hand and Cassandra walked to him taking it with a friendly shake.

      Mr. Hanson’s grasp was tight and controlling. Cassandra lightly smiled as she tried to free her hand from Mr. Hanson’s. His grasp became tighter as she did this and he inspected her up and down.

      Isaac saw his eyes and snug grip and quickly interfered. “Yeah, we were just leaving.” Isaac’s dizzy hand grabbed onto Cassandra’s arm that was clasped with his fathers and tugged it away.

      He stared at his father with angry eyes. Why couldn’t his family just be normal?

      Isaac lead Cassandra back towards the front door and they exited the Hanson house.

      Cassandra’s eyes kept to the ground in embarrassment and Isaac thought it was his job to apologize for his fathers sick behavior. He would of said something to his father but he knew better than to start a fight while his father was a drunken mess. He knew that man wasn’t his father anymore. It was a man taken over by the deadly liquid alcohol, that consumed him. Isaac’s eyes were still filled with anger but he brushed his hand over Cassandra’s smooth long brown hair before he took a deep breath releasing his bitterness and apologized.

      “I’m sorry about my father. That’s um... that’s him for ya. He doesn’t get out much.”

      Cassandra lifted her head and both her and Isaac chuckled.

      “Guess not.”

      “Now you know why I never let you in.”

      Isaac quickly changed the subject. “Isn’t that one of your prized possessions?” He pointed to Cassandra’s dirt soaked car. “Where have you been storing the sucker?”

      “Are you telling me it needs a bath?” Cassandra joked. “I have to park it on the street and driveway because there’s no room in the garage.”

      “I know what we can do.” Isaac headed to her car.

      “What? Where are we going?”

      “A little place called the “Do It Yourself Car Wash”. I have a quarter we can use.”

      “Is that what you call fun? Scrubbing a car?”

      “Hey, wasn’t it your words that said “It isn’t fun unless you make it fun”?”

      “Well then what are we waiting for? Lets boogie!” Cassandra exclaimed and jumped into the passenger seat. Isaac jumped into the drivers seat and took off down the street.

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