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      Cassandra and Isaac arrived at a large parking lot. Above divided cement walls read “Do It Yourself Car Wash”. In between cement walls was a scrub brush, water hose and coin deposit box. There was a line in each cubical so Isaac drove behind the shortest line of three cars. They sat quietly in the car staring out at the people who were now washing there cars

      Cassandra’s mind drifted back to the phone call Detective Wallace had left her father earlier that day. He said that he had found something on Isaac. Her forehead scrunched up in question. What could he have found? Isaac wasn’t a trouble maker, well, unless provoked. He was a caring, loving, wonderful boyfriend, wasn’t he? Cassandra didn’t’ care about his home life, what his mother and father did, she just cared about him, who he was. She then again pondered on whether on not she should tell him or not.

      Cassandra lifted her head to Isaac to find him staring at her. He smiled at her which made her smile back. She was going to tell him, he had to know.

      “Isaac?” She was cut off.

      “Cassandra?” They spoke at the same time.

      Cassandra backed down and let him talk first.

      “I’m really sorry about my father. I should have seen it coming and stopped it or something.”

      “Hey, it’s already done and over with. No prob. It’s not your fault.” She smiled at him.

      “Okay, now what were you going to say?”

      She couldn’t tell him now. “Oh look, it’s our turn.” Cassandra looked ahead avoiding Isaac’s penetrating eyes.

      Isaac pulled the car under the hooded cubicle and both Cassandra and him got out of the car forgetting that she had something to say.

      “Okay, where do I stick the coin, baby?” Isaac looked around the gray stoned wall.

      “Right here, babe.”

      “Oh, yeah?”

      “Ooooh yeah!”

      Both Isaac and Cassandra exploded in laughter.

      “It’s right there.” Cassandra pointed to the coin box as she grabbed the scrub brushes wooden handle talking it down off its holder on the wall.

      “Alrighty, are we ready?” Isaac held the quarter to the deposit box.


      “All right. On one, two, three.” Isaac plopped the coin in and Cassandra went wild scrubbing the Eclipse as soapy bubbles came out of its bristles. “Do you want me to do that?”

      “No, I’m having fun. Leave me alone. You can wash it off.”

       “Okay, if you say so.” Isaac stepped back and watched Cassandra rub down the car.


       Isaac held the spray nozzle in his hand waiting for Cassandra to finish. “You missed a spot.” He taunted.

      “Did not.” She looked over at him placing her left hand on her hip and standing the brush on the ground. “Okay, I’m done. Your turn.”

       “Alrighty, watch out.” Isaac squirted the foamy car.

       Cassandra walked to the wall placing her brush back. She then stood at the end of the stoned wall lightly getting hit with the mist off the sprayer.

       “Your getting me all wet.” She exclaimed stepping further away.

       Isaac looked over at her with playful eyes. He pointed the sprayer straight at her. Cassandra knew his intentions and quickly ran, but she was too late. Isaac pulled the trigger soaking her.

       “Ahh, Isaac!” She screamed as she ran away.

       Isaac laughed returning to his work on the car. Cassandra slowly made her way back keeping her eyes on him. I’m going to get you back.”

       Isaac sprayed her one more time making her squirm but she didn’t run away. She charged Isaac trying to pull the sprayer from his arms, but just getting herself wetter.

       “You’re never going to get it.” He laughed at her full hearted attempted struggling with him.

       “You big loser, you’re too strong.” She gave up running out from under the port and over to the adjoining one.

       “Are you done yet?” She peeked her head around the wall a minute later.


       “Well then put the hose down.”

       “But I was waiting for you.” He teased. “Okay, okay I surrender. I’m putting my weapon down.”

       “That’s better.” Cassandra watched Isaac place the sprayer in its place. “Now this,” She jumped from her hiding spot with the a joining ports sprayer. “is my revenge.” She held it to him with no relenting.

       “Cassandra!” Isaac bellowed. he grabbed for his sprayer and went running to Cassandra. They were in a mean water war against each other.

       “Do you give?”

       “No way! Do you?”

       They both stood there drenched from head to toe no letting up on one another.

       “Your going to have to give up sooner or later, babe. Some people would like their hose back.” Isaac pointed out.

       “Truce?” Cassandra babbled as water pelted her face.


       “Okay, on three.”

       They both started counting.

       “One, two, three.”

       “Isaac stop!” Isaac continued to spray her.

       “All right I’m stopping.” he released the trigger and stepped to put it back as Cassandra handed her hose back to the people she borrowed it from. Cassandra walked back over to her car and Isaac.

       “Do you have a towel or something we can dry ourselves and the car off with.” Isaac looked in the back of the car.

       “I don’t think so. I didn’t think washing my car was on the agenda.” Cassandra shivered.

       “Guess we’ll have to go cruising around then and turn up the heater.” Isaac rubbed his hands over Cassandra’s arms, trying to get her a little warmer.

       They both hopped into the car as Isaac drove fast down the streets.

       “Your going too fast. Were going to get pulled over.” Cassandra’s head was plastered to the back of the car seat and she grasped the arm rest on each side of her. “Your going to... oh my gosh! Slow down!”

       “Just checking how fast this thing goes.” he slowed down to the speed limit.

       “Thank you.” Cassandra pried her hands free from her grasp.

       Isaac looked over at her giving his large toothy smile. The one Cassandra loved. Cassandra melted and all her nerves were settled as she smiled back. He knew it got her every time. He turned his eyes quickly back to the road.

       There’s a party tomorrow night, did you want to go with me?” Isaac asked.

       “Sure. Where is it?” Cassandra agreed.

       “John’s parents are out of town for two weeks so he’s throwing it at his house.”


       “Okay, I’m gong to drop myself off at home an then you can drive yourself home.” Isaac was on his way home.

       “Yeah, okay. I guess I can eat dinner at home. Maybe suck up to my dad a little.”


       Isaac was dropped off at home and Cassandra pulled into her own drive way. She walked up to her house letting herself in.

       “Dale I’m home.” Cassandra hollered. She got no response. “I came home for dinner.” She walked through the house not finding her father. “There you are.” Cassandra opened her fathers study. “I...” She stopped in mid sentence. Her father was hunched over on his desk. A shot glass and a bottle of booze beside him.

       “I guess I’ll go heat up a frozen meal.” Cassandra stated as she saw Dale was in no shape to do anything. She turned around and walked out of his office shutting the door.

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