C H A P T E R     N I N E

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      The next day was Saturday. Cassandra was still debating whether or not to tell Isaac about the detective.

      She was at home with her father. She decided to ask him what exactly the detective found on him. She walked from her room down the winding stairs to her fathers study. She opened his door a little peeking in to make sure he wasn’t busy. When she saw he was just reading she pushed the door opened and slipped in.

      “Hi, Dale.”

      “Hey sweetheart.”

      Cassandra got cozy in one on the chairs in the front of her fathers desk.

      “What are you up to?” Dale asked.

      “I just wanted to ask you if I could go to a friends party tonight?”

      “Is Isaac going to be there?”

      Cassandra rolled her eyes. “I don’t think so. I don’t think he even knows there is one.” She lied.

      “Okay, then its fine.” Dale agreed. “Is someone going to pick you up?”

      “We planned that I would pick them up.”

      “Oh, okay.”

      “Hey, what did detective Wallace find on Isaac?”

      “It doesn’t matter, I still don’t want you hanging around him.”

      “Just tell me, please?”

      “Fine. He got fired from his job for stealing.” Dale explained.

      “No he didn’t.”

      “Yes, he did. It says on his file.”

      “Well he didn’t. He gets hot tempered sometimes and he told off his boss, that’s why he got fired. He doesn’t steal.” Cassandra stood up and left her fathers study. She was mad. “Isaac doesn’t steal.” She said once again. She went straight to her room. She had to get ready for that nights party.

      As Cassandra got dressed into a knee high silky dress she decided to tell Isaac about what the detective said. It was definitely a lie but in her mind she debated with it being true or not. She was going to bring it up and see what he says about it. After throwing her hair up into some butterfly clips and putting her light mascara on she picked her shoes out of her closet and skipped down the stairs. It was already time to head off so she strapped her shoes on as she leaned against the entry way. She couldn’t just leave without telling her father so she walked to his study.

      “Bye Dale. I’m going to the party.”

      “All right.” Dale covered the mouth piece of the phone. “You look very nice.”

      “Thanks.” Cassandra turned to leave.

      “Bye, be home by one.”

      “I’ll be here. Bye.”

      Cassandra left the house with her keys in hand. It was already dark by the time she got to Isaac’s house. She parked on the side of the street and carefully got out of her car without getting hit by any on coming traffic. She made her way to Isaac’s front door but before she knocked Isaac opened it.

      “Hey.” Cassandra greeted him.

      “Shh.” Isaac politely quitted her.

      “Why?” She whispered.

      Isaac safely closed his front door. “I don’t want to wake my dad. He’ll just start yelling at me.”


      “I can’t wait until I get out of this house.”

      “Well you have to have a job before you do that.” They started to walk to Cassandra’s car. Isaac looked over at her.

      “Yeah, I know.” He chuckled.

      Isaac noticed Cassandra was shivering a bit as he took her in with his sparkling eyes. “You look very nice. You cold?” He put his arm around her shoulders moving them up and down to cause a hot friction.

      “Thanks. Yeah I kinda am. I left my coat at home.” Cassandra handed Isaac her car keys.

      “You can borrow one of my moms. I’ll go get on if you want.” Isaac offered.

      “No, that’s okay.”

      “I’m going to go get you one anyway.” Isaac handed the keys back to Cassandra. “Here you go get in the car and I’ll be right there.”

      “Thank you.” Cassandra took the keys and they both went their opposite ways.

      Isaac crept back into his house. He went to his mothers room and went to her closet. His mother wasn’t home from work yet but he knew his mom wouldn’t mind. He grabbed a nice black sweater and headed back out to Cassandra. He almost made it out when he heard his father.

      “Where are you going?”

      “I’m going out with Cassandra.”

      “No you’re not. You’re staying home with me.”

      “Dad, I’m going. She’s already waiting for me outside.”

      “I said no.”

      Isaac ignored him fleeing for the door. He knew his dad wouldn’t go after him. He never got out of his reclining chair for anyone or anything unless it was to go the bathroom or if no one was home to fetch him a beer.

      Isaac jogged from his door to Cassandra as he heard his father yelling at him. “Boy, get your butt back here right now! No party!.” His voice was soon drowned out by the distance.

      Isaac made his way to the drivers side of the car and Cassandra leaned over pulling the lock up unlocking his door. He hopped in handing Cassandra the sweater.

      “Thank you.” Cassandra took the nice sweater and immediately wrapped it around herself. The sweater was nicer than she expected considering the clothing she had seen Mrs. Hanson wear yesterday.


      “Much.” They drove down the streets to John’s parents house.

      Isaac parked the car about a block from the house so they had to walk. When they got to the front yard it was packed with teens. “You ready to party?” They walked to the open front door.

      “Yep.” Cassandra smiled pulling Mrs. Hanson’s sweater around her tighter.

      They walked into the dark house. Music blasted from the speakers making the house bounce with the bass and a strobe light was the only means of light. Cassandra looked around. She noticed people from her school but none she knew real well. Almost everyone had a can of beer in their hands. She looked up at Isaac who was also eyeing everyone.

      “Are you going to drink?” Cassandra asked him.

      Isaac looked down at her with a disgusted look on his face. “Cassandra you know I don’t drink, and you better not either.”

      “Yeah, no way.” Cassandra smiled.

      That was an added plus for Isaac. He had seen what alcohol had done to his family. He had known the disturbing outcome of it and never touched the stuff.

      “So what do you want do you want to do?” Isaac faced Cassandra. He wrapped his arms around her.

      Cassandra looked over at all the people in the living room dancing and making fools of themselves. “We could dance.”

      “Oh yeah, I forgot you’re a dancing fool. Lets go show everyone how its done.” Isaac grabbed Cassandra and they went running and giggling to the living room.

      They danced two fast songs and one slow song. When they were in the middle of their second slow song they got interrupted by one of Isaac’s friends.

      “Hey dude.” Isaac’s friend tapped him on the shoulder.

      Isaac and Cassandra broke apart but Isaac still kept an arm around her. “Hey Matt, whatcha doin?” I thought you couldn’t come tonight?”

      “Well what do you know? I brought my hot date to the party instead of a movie.” Matt pointed over to a girl that looked to be about sixteen. She stood tall with a short revealling dress on. She was watching Matt and smiled as he pointed at her.

      “Hi, Cassandra.” Matt finally greeted her.


      Matt gestured over at the girl to join them and she strutted her way over. “This is Kate.”

      “Hi Kate.” Both Isaac and Cassandra said at the same time. They both smiled and Isaac squeezed her waist tighter.

      “And Kate this is my friend Isaac and his girl friend Cassandra.”

      “Hi.” She smiled brightly showing all her front teeth.

      “Well, I just wanted to say hi. Were going to go party now.” Matt started to leave.

      “Bye.” Isaac said farewell to his buddy.


      Dale sat in his office going over some papers when the phone rang. “Hello, Mr. Stone speaking.” Dale answered the phone.

      “Hi is Cassandra still there.” One of Cassandra’s friends asked.

      “No, she just left.”

      “Dang it! I was hoping I could have gotten her before she went to the party with Isaac. Too bad. Well, thank you Mr. Stone.” The young girl said.

      “She went to the party with Isaac?”

      “Yes, I mean I’m not sure but that’s what I heard.”

      “Do you know where it is?”

      “Its at John’s house.”

      “Yeah, where’s that at?”

      “Uh, its on Pine Avenue.” She told him.

      “Thank you.” Dale hung up the phone.

      Dale walked from his office to the kitchen. He knew exactly where he was going. Cassandra didn’t know he had a secret spot. Dale bent over at a cupboard and opened it. Reaching as far as he could he pulled out a forty eight ounce bottle of booze. He chugged it down swiftly. Not even noticing the bitter taste of it.

      Cassandra was in trouble.

      Dale grabbed his car keys and took off to Pine Avenue. He spotted the house and double parked his car. He got out and jogged into the house looking for Cassandra.


       “I’m thirsty, do they have anything other than beer?” Cassandra questioned Isaac.

      “I’m sure they do. Lets go see.”

       They made their way to the kitchen where there were coolers filled with alcohol. Isaac went around to all the colored coolers finally finding one filled with soda.

       “Doesn’t look like anyone has been drinking this stuff.” Isaac laughed. “What kind do ya want? We got Coke, Pepsi, orange, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and Seven Up.” He named off all of the many flavors.


       Isaac threw her a can and pulled himself out a Dr. Pepper.


       “Uh huh.” They both popped the cans open taking a sip.

       “Why don’t we go outside?” Isaac suggested.

       “Actually, do you feel like dancing again? I want to dance some more.” Cassandra answered.

       “Okay, come on.” Isaac took her hand and they stepped onto the dance floor again. Dancing and jumping around Cassandra looked around. Her eyes stopped at a familiar face and she stopped dancing.

       Dale looked her straight in the eyes and came towards her. By this time Isaac had caught on and watched Dale stare him down.

       “I thought I told you NOT to come around MY daughter.” Dale yelled as he grabbed onto Isaac’s shoulder and shoved him hard. Isaac went flying bumping into the people around him.

       Everyone around stopped their dancing and watched the scene unfold in front of them. Dale grabbed onto Cassandra’s fore arm tightly and pulled her towards him. “And you told me he wasn’t going to be here you WHORE!” He hollered.

       This time the music went dead and people gathered around. Dale turned around with Cassandra and pulled her away.

       “Dale you can’t do this!” Cassandra tried to shake her fathers hands off of her.

       “Like hell I can’t.” Dale tightened his grip on her and jerked her forward. Cassandra’s foot caught on a chair and she fell to the floor. Dale continued to drag her along with him while she unsuccessfully tried standing up.

       People around started whispering and snickering. When Cassandra was out of view everyone turned to Isaac.

       “What?” Isaac asked.

       Everyone went back to their own business and Isaac decided to walk home. He went and grabbed their jackets.


       Cassandra was shoved into her fathers BMW.

       “I can’t believe you.” Dale pushed the accelerator to the floor. “You are such a lying slut.” He forced.

       “I’m not a slut.” Cassandra just barely spoke.

       “Could have fooled me.”

       Cassandra could feel the bruises forming on her body. She ached all over. All she wanted to do is go straight up to her room and crawl into bed.

       “If I see you with that boy one more time I’ll kill him.” Dale threatened.

       “Have you been drinking?” Cassandra knew the answer was yes.

       “No, and stop turning this around. We’re talking about you not me.” Dale drove into the drive way slamming on the breaks.

       “I’m sorry but I love Isaac and he loves me.”

       “Love? You can’t love him.” Dale stammered.

       “Well I do.” Cassandra got out of the car running for the front door and up to her room. She collapsed onto her bed face down and cried. She cried so much that the tears would’t come anymore.

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