The Try Out

      I watched him as he sat before me. His hair dark and short. His name was Joe. I’ve heard he has a thing for me. Apparently too shy to act upon it. Maybe that’s why I refused to believe it.

      I walked the rest of the way into the room taking a seat on the floor in front of him. The room was dimly lit and filled with teenagers around my age, eighteen. Sitting in front of him I hoped maybe a spark would fly between us. Maybe we would, some how start a conversation or I would look behind me and catch him staring.

      I fixed my shirt, pulling it down around my waist making sure my over-shirt was covering my bare arms. I was all set. I continued to sit there by myself since I decided to ditch my friends and take this seat by Joe. I entertained myself looking around at the room. Up front next to the stage sat a piano. Music and dance posters were attached to the walls next to the chalk board.

      The floor was becoming uncomfortable and my legs started to fall asleep. I wondered what was taking so long to start class as I stretched out my legs and leaned back on my arms. I assumed the teacher was late. I stole a quick glance behind me at Joe, the boy that supposedly like me. Evidently his thoughts were else where as mine were directed to only him. Perhaps he found a new girl to gawk at. The tables seemed to have turned as he became my source of attenchen.

      I watched him as he kept his eyes to the door. Maybe waiting for that new girl Brandy that everyone just so happens to love and lust after. But what if he was trying to ignore me. He was shy. Maybe I made him nervous. I turned back around.

      I heard a booming laugh behind me and instantly turned around after jumping about an inch or two. It was him. I turned back around quickly. His friend Robert had walked over to him and tripped on someone’s foot. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I heard Joe tease Robert about his swift fall.

      Mrs. Holmes came bustling into the class one hand in the air waving and the other carrying her briefcase and tape recorder. She apologized for her tardiness. I ignored her as I saw Brandy walking up to me or perhaps it was Joe who she was mostly interested in. Her blonde hair hung perfectly over her shoulders and her hips rocked from side to side as she walked her way over to me. She wore a tiny tennis skirt and a three quarter shirt. I looked at her face as she got closer and closer to me. She had perfect skin too, and just the right touch of make up. I wonder if she knows how much I hate her.

      “Candy.” She said my name with eagerness and question.

      “Hey, Brandy.”

      “I’m freezing.” She faked a shiver.

      I rolled my eyes. Soon class would start and all I would be able to hear is her whinny voice echoing in my ears.

      She continued to ramble to me about nothing. I shook my head and giggled when she did, not paying attention to her, but to the teacher up in front of class.

      I felt a tap on my shoulder and I spun my head around in the opposite direction. I had become so used to this head game, my sister had terrorized me with it. When I turned around abruptly I made eye contact with Joe. He smiled at me and I generously did the same back.

      I felt the same tap and Brandy’s voice. “Hey, are you listening to me?”

      “Ugh, yeah.” I stammered.

      “I said I’m cold, do you have an extra sweater or something I can borrow?”

      Maybe if she didn’t wear mini skirts she could conduct some heat. I nodded my head and reached into my back pack. She was lucky it was a cold morning and I needed a little extra warmth. I handed her my light blue button up sweater.

      “It doesn’t match my clothes.” She sniveled.

      “Oh well.” I pulled it away from her. I didn’t want her to use it anyway.

      She held onto it tight in her grasp and pulled it back. “It’ll do.”

      I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her. Hoping no one saw my evil face, I turned my attention to the teacher.

      Mrs. Holmes had us stand up and warm our voices. We did a few exercises, went up and down the scales and did a couple of sirens. Once that was over Mrs. Holmes had us get in a line. This was about the same time Brandy had noticed Joe behind us. We made a line as Brandy stood behind Joe and Joe stood behind me.

      They talked for a while as I watched them. Soon uninterested I turned around. I should have just stayed with my friends. Possibly not even have taken this class. My mind reeled with thoughts as I learned what the line we were in was for. Mrs. Holmes was having us try out for a part in the play “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. I was defintely going to try out for the roll of Snow White. Perhaps Brandy should try for the evil step mother. She was definitely made for the part.

      I looked behind me and peered at the two. I was jealous. He was supposed to like me. I guess I was too late. I noticed Brandy wasn’t wearing my sweater anymore. So I asked her where it was.

      “Oh, my friend has it. She’ll give it back probably tomorrow.”

      Definitely made for the part I glared at her. Not only did she use me but she doesn’t care for my belongings either. I turned away from her in a huff. I noticed I was five people away from trying out so I took my back pack off and turned around to ask if Brandy could hold it for me when I went up on stage. I was about to ask when my eyes fell upon the two kissing. Brandy and Joe were going at it. I turned around fast clenching my teeth and hands. How dare she do that to me. How dare he do that. I thought he liked me. My mind and heart were torn to pieces.

      Breath I told myself. He wasn’t mine. He probably never like me. I hit my fore head with the palm of my hand. How stupid of me to even think that he liked me. I calmed myself down before it was my turn.

      I got up on stage and did the best job I could do. Obviously Mrs. Holmes thought it was good because she clapped and whistled followed by some of the teens in class. I was still bummed with Brandy kissing Joe but I smiled a fake smile and stepped off of the stage.

      “That was cool.” Someone came behind me.

      I turned around not fully looking at the person that just complemented me but at Joe who was on stage now. “Thanks.” I watched as Joe did his part for Mrs. Holmes. He was great, of course he was wonderful.

      I bent down to pick up my back pack when the guy that told me I was cool picked it up first and handed it to me.

      “Here.” He lifted it closer to me.

      I looked up at him. He was tall, unlike Joe. I definitely liked taller men. His hair was lighter too and not caked in gel. “Thank you.” I looked into his eyes, they sparkled as the stage lights hit them.

      “Your welcome.” He smiled broadly.

      I tugged my back pack over my shoulders and smiled back at him, deeply.

      “I think your going to get the lead.” He assured.

      I shyly looked to my hands.

      “You have a great voice.” He continued to complement.

      “Uh, thanks.” I didn’t know what to say. I looked back up at him. “Are you trying out too? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before.”

      “Well, I’ve been here, just not in this class. I was in Mrs. Hall’s class but she transferred me over to this room.”

      I nodded my head waiting to hear if he was trying out.

      “And I already did my stuff up on stage.”

      “Oh.” I felt stupid for not noticing him up there. That must have been while I was plexing over Brandy and Joe. I was about to tell him I missed it when I heard Brandy’s high pitched annoying voice call out my name. I must have cringed because the guy that I was talking to kind of chuckled at me. I smiled at him as I tried to ignore Brandy. She can never go unnoticed. She came up to me, stepping in-between me and the guy. She pulled Joe with her. Boy was he in for it.

      “Candy.” She whimpered. Didn’t she know that the guy she was with was supposed to like me?

      “Brandy, I’m talking to someone.” I started.

      “Zac.” The guy I was talking to interrupted.

      I looked passed Brandy and Joe and smiled at Zac. “I’m talking to Zac.” When one door closes another one opens.

      “Well you can talk to him when I’m done.”

      I rolled my eyes and I saw Zac do the same.

      “I just wanted to know how I did. What did you think?” Brandy jumped slightly, giddy.

      “I wouldn’t know. I didn’t hear you.” I informed her.

      “Well, why not?” She whined.

      “I was busy. I have to go now. Oh, and remember my sweater, I need it.”

      “Whatever.” Brandy shrugged her shoulders.

      I eyed Zac wanting him to follow me to another part of the room. I didn’t care about Joe anymore. Brandy could have him. I stepped away from the three and walked to the door stopping. I stood at the side and turned around to see Zac right there.

      “So you’re Candy.” I nodded my head.

      “And you’re Zac.” He nodded.

      We shook hands and laughed at our attempt of being adults.

      “Are you going to wait for the results of the play and see what roll you got?” Zac asked.

      “Yeah, of course. What are you crazy? I just told Brandy that so I could get away from her.”

      “Why are you friends with her if you can’t stand her?”

      “She thinks I’m her friend.”

      It’s true I had ditched her so very many times. You think she would get the hint. I guess not.

      Mrs. Holmes announced that she had filled all the parts. Since it was just a class play and not too many people were trying out she placed the rolls that day. She tacked a paper to the wall and everyone went flocking to it, enthusiastically to see who they were.

      I stayed back with Zac waiting for the crowd to dissipate. When the time was right we both stepped up looking for our own names and each others.

             Candy B. - Snow White
             Zac H. - Prince

      “Looks like we’ll be working together.” Zac looked to me smiling.

      “Yeah.” I smiled back.

       The other door had opened.

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